Harbor Furry Friends

The Harbor staff is doing a blog series about the furry friends in our lives.

Our Names:  Hanz and WinstonHandW (3)

Age/Breed:  H:  11 year-old Miniature Schnauzer     W:  7 year-old Westie

How we came to be with our family:    We were adopted from the Dumb Friends League

Who we live with:    Our mom, Vickie

What we like to do: H: CONTINUALLY receive petting (any form!)   W: Chase rabbits and swim (mom makes me wear a life vest!)

What we don’t like to do:  H:  Be without my mom    W:  Come when called

Our favorite toys:  H:  Stuffed dragon    W:  Anything that squeaks – I’m on it!

The best thing about us: We keep my mom laughing – Hanz’ shakes his legs when my mom puts his snow boots on and I, Winston, use my back foot to shoot my food bowl across the floor like a hockey puck when dinner is late.

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