Our investment managers firmly believe that a thoughtful investment allocation for the long term produces the best results. Our fiduciary responsibility for the client’s specific needs and risk tolerance demands no less.

Here are a few ways we manage your investments at Harbor Wealth Management:

Allocation decision for a portfolio

The allocation has the largest effect, so we focus a large portion of our efforts into tracking global geopolitical and macroeconomic trends, as well as industry and sector analysis. Harbor’s security analysis also focuses on a number of factors including strong cash flow, competitive advantages and effective investment management.

Independent status and affiliation with Schwab Institutional

This status and affiliation supports our open architecture design by providing a wide range of investments, including non-market traded, and private investment opportunities. All of which are offered on our fee only platform.

Diverse portfolios

As early adopters of alternative investments, our clients continue to benefit from diverse portfolios offering lower correlations and attractive risk adjusted returns through all types of market cycles. Our expertise in real estate, business capitalization, energy and other alternative asset strategies enhances our active investment management style, allowing Harbor Wealth Management to identify and capitalize on opportunities within the marketplace.

Allocation and optimization software

Our software is state of the art, but software is only a tool and not a crutch as some investment managers and their clients have painfully discovered in recent market upheavals.

Impact investment strategies

For those interested in allocating capital to social or environmental causes, we have impact investing strategies that will complement your larger investment portfolio. Our ESG portfolios (Environmental, Social and Governance) offer a broad allocation to different asset classes while staying as true as possible to ESG constraints.

Click here for information on our new ESG portfolios.

Low cost Index portfolios

After careful review of robo and low cost options available on the market, Harbor Wealth Management was not satisfied with the performance or risk associated with the portfolios. We decided to build our own and have managed two index models with no commission funds successfully since 2014. These are perfect for our young professional clients who are building wealth from the ground up.

For more information on how we can provide a better wealth management experience, see our Financial Planning and Life Events pages.