Vancouver Island

My husband and I first discovered Vancouver Island somewhat by accident on a road trip to the northwest in 1982. It has since become our ‘most often visited’ vacation spot.  Last fall we decided to see what the previously unvisited far north end of the island had to offer.

VI Beach

Before 1979 the only way to reach the northern part of the island was either by boat, small/float plane or by private logging roads that were only available in the evenings after the logging companies were finished with work. This limited access kept the population of Vancouver Island concentrated in the southern third of the island leaving the northern half of the island preserved, quiet and unpopulated.

There are mountains, rocky beaches, small islands, abundant wildlife, both marine and otherwise. There are a few small ports that provide comfortable lodging and surprisingly good food.  We saw lots of fishermen (and lots of large fish as the salmon run was in progress) and an unusual number of bald eagles including what we think were a trio of three young ones wobbling around on our beach at low tide hunting for breakfast.

It was a very peaceful vacation, no traffic, no crowds, sights around every corner but no long list of must-sees and we now have a whole new collection of favorite spots that we want to revisit or explore further on our next trip.VI Whale Tail






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