More 14'ers…

hiking 2A couple of years ago my husband, Chris and I decided to hike our first 14’er.  The following year we hiked two more.  Now it is tradition.  This year we decided to hike Mounts Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln and Bross in one day.   These mountains are located in the Mosquito Range near Alma, CO.

We found that Mount Democrat was fairly crowded, but the hikers began to thin out as we continued to the other peaks.

We had a near perfect weather day.  As we topped Mount Lincoln, our third peak of the day, the dark clouds began to roll in with a bit of tiny graupel.  But since we had an early morning start we made it off the mountain dry.








Mount Cameron causes a bit of a stir among many hikers.  To be considered a separate mountain the general rule is that the peak must rise at least 300 feet above it’s connecting saddle to any other mountain.  Cameron falls short of this.  Regardless, I’m counting it – only 47 more Colorado 14’ers to go!  Mt Lincoln


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