Harbor Furry Friends

The Harbor staff is doing a blog series about the furry friends in our lives.

My Name: My French grandfather named me Câline, which means ‘cuddly’, and everyone calls me Callie

Age/Breed: I am a 2.5 year old Goldendoodle

Who I live with: Denise & David (and I love it when either of my Grandmas come to visit)

What I like to do: Run with my dad, play at the park, chase snowballs, and take afternoon naps.  I have my mom and dad totally wrapped around my little paw!

My favorite toy: Do I have to choose one favorite?  I love balls of all sizes and tug toys, but any soft or cloth toy lasts about 45 seconds before I rip it apart

The best thing about me: I have a very sweet and gentle disposition, and I love curling up to get a belly rub

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