Garage Gardening?

Cont Gardening

I decided this past fall of 2014 to try something new.  Container gardening.  Oh, in the past I have planted various spring bulbs in containers only to be disappointed when the bulbs never grew.  Last fall, I saw on the local news that you should plant your bulbs in pots in the fall and then bring them in your garage for the winter. The bulbs will still go dormant but are insulated in the garage.

So, I went to our local home and garden store late in the fall and bought up a ton of bulbs at 50% of the original cost. I planted them in potting soil and fertilized them.  All winter long I have been watering them.   I thought if this doesn’t work, I have not invested much. I don’t know if you are dealing with the rabbit invasion where you live, but our neighborhood has been over taken with rabbits.  They are hungry little creatures that have eaten half of my garden.  I thought if I plant my bulbs in tall pots, there is a good chance the bunnies can’t get to them. Low and behold it worked!  I am thrilled to have beautiful daffodils and tulips sprouting in my pots this spring and the bunnies have not gotten to them. (At least…… not yet!)

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