2011 Schwab Impact Conference

Among the most popular sessions was keynote speaker Tony Blair who offered a European perspective and a unique view of global events and how they shape our political and economic lives.

His discussion was candid and delivered with humor. There were a number of memorable thoughts:

  • He commented on the size, scope and speed of change in the world as a determining factor for business, political and economic objectives
  • His perspective on the financial industry was refreshing at one point quipping that the Mid-East talks were no walk in the park and that a job trade was welcome
  • A good test of a country is if there are more people trying to get in than want to go out
  • One should allow optimism to infect difficult processes and negotiations

There are fundamental beliefs worth fighting for and preserving:

  • Fairness
  • Respect for human rights and the individual
  • Knowledge that you can ‘bring yourself up’ in this environment

In all, a very inspiring delivery by an overtly intelligent person. His admiration and support of the U.S. won him a standing ovation. This alone was well worth the trip to San Francisco.