Why I'll Visit Austin Again

My husband and I have visited Austin several times this year.  Here’s why we’ll be going back:

Tortillas – It seems that a lot of restaurants in Austin make their own tortillas.  They bring them to your table within minutes of making them.  Add a little pat of butter and spoonful of salsa and instant heaven!  I could eat them every day.

El Chile Café’ y Cantina – I love Mexican food and insisted that we eat it at least 2 times each day. This was one of our favorites. The jalepeno infused margaritas are exceptional.elchile1





Flaco’s Tacos – We had breakfast here numerous times during our visits.  I just can’t get enough of their tortillas, refried beans and breakfast tacos.  I wish they delivered to Boulder.

Juan in a Million – Ha, love the name and the food!  Juaninamillionrestaurantslider-1024x438





Cisco’s Restaurant – Bars on the windows, plastic booths, cafeteria type plastic plates…. Another “hole in the wall” winner! ciscos









Coffee and Treats – We loved Walton’s Fancy and Staple.  It’s a bakery, coffee shop, and sandwich counter, as well as a florist and gift shop.  Love their espresso and Golden Egg pastry (this is a nutmeg cake rolled in cinnamon/sugar).

Boot Store – There is something about cowboy boots that I love.  Allen’s Boots on Congress is awesome.  The smell of leather hits you as soon as you walk in the door.  I dare you to go in and not try on at least 3 pair!    womens-brass-golondrita-l179-11-pointed_1_400x240

FRIENDS – We have dear friends that we have re-connected with and look forward to seeing them again!


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