Amalfi, Italy

Whenever my husband and I talk about where we’d like to go for an extended vacation if life events aligned, Amalfi, Italy is always at the top of our list.   While we’ve been there twice in the last several years, we’d go back tomorrow if we could.

Most visitors to the Amalfi Coast stay in the very popular Positano or Ravello, but we prefer the local experience of the city of Amalfi.   While it is very busy with day tourists during the afternoon, in the mornings and evenings, it is quite peaceful.  On our last visit to this beautiful spot, we stayed at a small bed and breakfast, Residenza Luce.  We loved staying right in the center of town, across from the Duomo.  It happened to be the holiday of Corpus Christi and we watched the procession from our balcony.   We love just sitting at one of many small cafes in the evening and enjoying the local activities.   It really allowed us to enjoy the local culture and experiences!

There are so many amazing walks up in Valle delle Ferriere and just around the town (up and down the hilly streets!) and into the small village of Atrani.  On our most recent trip, we took a tour of a family-owned lemon grove – besides homemade lemon cake and lemonade, they served slices of lemon, rind and all, sprinkled with just a bit of sugar.   It was truly like a taste of sunshine!

It’s hard to choose what we love most about Amalfi – from the gorgeous sea views, to the delicious seafood cooked in lemon leaves, and the incredibly friendly locals – it really is a piece of paradise for us.

~ Denise G.

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