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Red Notice

By Bill Browder

This is a true story about a Wall Street outsider whose family background and interests led him to Russia just after the breakup of the Soviet Union. He becomes a billionaire via his hedge fund, and as interesting as this process is, the story is just about to start.  In the process of following the money Browder uncovered widespread political corruption.  He was expelled from the country after exposing government official’s theft of the people of the Soviet Union’s money.  While Browder is out of Russia his lawyer is tortured and dies in prison.  Browder’s investigation of the death exposes a cover up at the highest levels of the Putin regime.

This is current events at the highest levels, the risk to Browder’s life is real, the Kremlin wants him dead in retaliation for his crusade for human rights in Russia.  A must read made even more interesting by Putin’s high profile in American politics.


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