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by Annika Spetnagel  – Harbor Intern

Having worked at an athletic club and as a nanny the two previous summers, my summer internship at Harbor marked my first “real job”. This summer has been a fantastic learning experience and I’ve really enjoyed my time here at Harbor, but the one thing I missed from previous summer jobs was the ability to spend the day outside enjoying my favorite season’s weather. Luckily, spending the day inside motivated me to really take advantage of the weekends and opt outside.

I love to hike and I was lucky enough to grow up in Colorado; a hiker’s paradise. My first hike of the summer took place at Coyote Ridge just outside of Fort Collins. I’d driven by the trailhead numerous times and swore I would get around to hiking it one of these days. Finally, in early June, my opportunity arose. The hike itself was a quick 4 mile round trip that started off level and got a bit harder as you reached the ridge. Along the way I had a great view of open plains and traditional Colorado scenery, which was enough to distract me from the numerous signs warning of rattlesnakes in the area. As pretty as the views were on the way up, the view at the top of the ridge (pictured below) definitely took the cake. Bonus points if you can spot me in one of the pictures.


I ventured to Rocky Mountain National Park for my second hike of the summer, with the goal of hiking to Emerald Lake. After completing the hike, my roommates and I agreed this hike definitely gives you your bang for your buck. Along the way to Emerald Lake, hikers pass three other gorgeous lakes and a multitude of stunning views. The hike, only 3.8 miles round trip, is easy and enjoyable, and a great hike for families.

I took this picture (bottom left) at Bear Lake, which marks the very beginning of the hike, just 5 months before in February. It made a fun side by side comparison, and reminded my how grateful I am for the warm weather.






Pictured below is the second lake along the hike, Nymph Lake, as well as a picture of one of the gorgeous viewpoints along the way.







My roommates and I posing in front of Dream Lake, the last stop before the aptly named Emerald Lake.













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