Harbor Furry Friends!

The Harbor staff is doing a blog series about the furry friends in our lives.

Our Names:  Lily and IvyIvy Lily

Age/Breed:  Age – about 2, Breed – lab-ish

How we came to be with our family:  Adopted from the Humane Society.  They were only going to get one puppy but we were the last two left in the litter and they couldn’t stand to leave one of us all alone.

Who we live with:  Carolyn’s daughter and son-in-law

What we like to do: demolish toys, especially squeaky ones; sleep; chase squirrels, lizards, and large bugs; go for walks; eat ice; sleep some more

What we don’t like to do:  sit when we’re excited to see someone

Our favorite toy:  Ivy – whichever toy Lily has, Lily – whichever toy Ivy has

The best thing about us: we’re very affectionate and we love each other and we try so hard to be good!









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