Furry Friends – Harley!

The Harbor staff is doing a blog series about the furry friends in our lives.

My Name:  Harley

Age/Breed:  11 months/Yellow Lab

Who I live with:  Barrett and Elyse, kitties MC and Max

How I came to be with my family:  They lost all control upon meeting me and brought me home

What I like to do:  Everything- play with my toys, catch snowballs, leap off of walls, be with my people, steal pillows and towels, play with dogs and cats, nap in the sun and swim.

What I don’t like to do:  Have anything in the house be moved around. I bark at whatever gets moved.  I also don’t like bugs!

My favorite toy:  A ball-any ball

The best thing about me:  My sweet personality.  I am very eager to please and I love everyone and everything-in the whole world.

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