Furry Friends

The Harbor staff is doing a blog series about the furry friends in our lives.


My Name: Deza (pronounced dezah) Lucero

Age/Breed:  3.5/Beagle

How I came to be with my family: My parents bought their first house and immediately knew they needed a dog to help make it a home. They came to fetch me from my birthplace in Texas, and brought me home exactly three months after they closed on the house.

Who I live with: My parents Brice and Emily are easily trained. I have figured out exactly what makes them get me food, scratch my belly and give me their vegetable trimmings. They even planted some wonderful flowers that I love to use as my outdoor bed- so fluffy.

What I like to do: Sniff E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, greet people at the door/fence, hang out with my friends Pepper and Jude and watch Parks and Recreation.

What I don’t like to do: get my toe nails clipped

My favorite toy: sweet potato or carrot chunks

The best thing about me:  My sweet demeanor, not to brag.

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