Elyse Foster in Barron’s: A Loophole Makes “529” Plans Good Wealth Transfer Tools. Here’s How to Use Them.

Elyse Foster, CFP® of Harbor Wealth Management in Boulder, CO recently spoke with journalist Neal Templin about “529” education-savings plans and how they allow people to save and invest tax-free for college or schooling costs.  Accountants, estate lawyers, and financial planners say they also are flexible estate-planning tools that can have utility beyond education spending and cost almost nothing to set up.

The article summarizes what you need to know about 529 plans; how they work, maximum contributions, how to create a lasting education fund for your family, what you can use the 529 plan for, and when to tap your 529 for noneducation expenses.

See the full Barron’s article published May 29, 2021