Megan Miller has earned CDFA® Accreditation

Megan has earned the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst accreditation.  A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) provides:

*Expedited understanding of assets in a divorce from an expert-saving time and money

*Determining which assets fit each spouses needs saves time and money

*An understanding of your financial future is reassuring and allows more time for other negotiated aspects of the divorce

*Proper analysis and planning can avoid costly mistakes

*Developing a realistic budget assists in a more fair settlement

Megan’s experience includes creating settlement scenarios, detailed cash flow analysis, and development of a process for the assets division during a divorce negotiation. She is available to review proposed settlement scenarios with regards to future financial implications.  This will include a detailed cash flow analysis for 10,15, 20 or more years, as well as a future net worth statement to illustrate the long term effects on the asset division.  Megan’s extensive background in finance uniquely qualifies her for this specialty.

In addition to her CDFA® accreditation she is a CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and CIO (Chief Investment Officer) for the firm.

Megan will be presenting a Second Saturday Divorce Workshop July 8, 2017 at Harbor’s office. For details, please contact our office.


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