Harbor is 30 Years Old!

January 1st of 1988 Harbor Wealth Management was incorporated in Colorado.  Our vision was to create a financial planning firm based on a straightforward service model devoted to our clients’ best interests.  We were young but had a lot of experience in the field of investment management and financial planning.  We knew what we didn’t want; conflicts of interest, exorbitant fees, empire building, nor a sales environment.  What we did want was a professional organization structured to give excellent, well researched advice to a limited number of clients needing our services.

We started with a great reputation and we intended to keep it that way with every client we served and each decision we made.

What we didn’t know was how successful we would be. Hundreds of plans later, buffeted by countless market cycles, inflation, natural disasters, and political turmoil we are consistent in providing advice to our clients.  Potential clients noticed too, glad to have an alternative to big banks and brokerage firms and the way they do business.  Along the way, we created a wonderful work environment where staff can thrive, learning, contributing and enjoying their professional lives.

To celebrate this year we intend to have a party to thank you for your part in our success. We also think it will be fun to engage in a retrospective 1988 to 2018, what has changed, what hasn’t, and what didn’t exist- think life without smart phones, the internet and a number of our current staff members!  Be on the lookout for a monthly dive into fun and interesting items.

We hope you will help us celebrate- we would not be here without you.



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