1st Annual Employee Volunteer Day

We recently had our first Harbor sponsored employee volunteer day and were all pretty excited about the agenda for the day. We had a bit of work to do at Harbor that morning, then lunch at the office to celebrate Megan’s 5th year at Harbor (actually she has been here longer if you count her time as an intern), and then off to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.)

Lisa, the director, gave us a tour of the amazing facility and explained how they take in new animals for adoption and the different services they provide based on the needs of each animal. They provide behavior modification training, medical and veterinary services which are also open to the public.  They also assess the animals and are then able to suggest what type of home environments they would best thrive in – this is most helpful in placing cats.  The last stop of the tour was the adoption area where we were able to see and love on some sweeties that were awaiting adoption.

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley provides shelter and care to more than 7,000 animals each year, with about 93% of these animals being adopted.

After our tour we were ready to get to work. The HSBV’s annual fundraiser, Puttin’ On the Leash 2017, would be held soon and they had asked us to wrap up raffle items.  We also worked on some of the table decorations.  I was hoping we would be walking dogs or petting cats, but when we toured the facility we were told they have over 600 volunteers throughout the year and over 150 on an average day– so many that they had to set up a system to prevent the dogs from being over-walked!  So, no, they did not need us to do any dog walks.

Next we cleaned up our work areas because they had a surprise for us….. puppies!  I really don’t think there is anything cuter than a puppy.  Unless, it is two puppies.  Click here if you want to see more puppies….

Thank you Harbor and HSBV for a wonderful day! Looking forward to the next Harbor Employee Volunteer Day.