Password Managers

Written by Hank Hammond

Over the past few years, cyber hacking and internet fraud has become increasingly prevalent, with recognizable events such as the Heartbleed Bug and Target data breach panicking the public. The advent of password managers, companies who offer sophisticated log-in information support on a cloud-based platform have become a highly recommended service for anyone who values their online security.

Password managers store your user-name and password information, either manually entered or uploaded from a server, in a secure location, and offer encryption, cross-browser synchronization, credential sharing, and even mobile device support services. The software can randomly generate passwords to ensure adequate variability from one site’s password to another’s, and automatically fills in the information upon entrance to any programmed site. The managers protect against dictionary, rainbow table, and brute force attacks. It can also be accessed remotely from anyone’s computer, and maintains security of your information at all times. If you value your information stored online, this is a necessary precaution to take.

Many recommended companies offer the service for free, such as Amazon, LastPass, and Intuitive Password. Companies like Dashlane 3 offer a more premium support system for an upfront cost of $30.00 and can be used for Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac platforms.

With internet privacy issues becoming more apparent, the need to change passwords more frequently and have more diversity in password selection is imperative. Password managers give users the ability to do this effectively and without difficulty.