New Year’s Planning List

The power of a financial plan:  Have one and stick to it!  If you don’t have one Harbor Wealth Management can help in the financial arena.  When life or the markets don’t cooperate, it is comforting to have a well thought through strategy to keep you moving toward your goals for the future.


The satisfaction of doing something good for the earth:  Reduce your use of plastic.  Use less water.  Leave your car at home when possible and bike or use mass transit.  Learn to make, and use compost.


The pleasure of doing for others:  Volunteer in your community and give financial and volunteer support to charities that are important to you.


The comfort of having your affairs in order:  If your estate plans are out of date make an appointment with your attorney to review them.  Even if you consider yourself young or simply young at heart, life can sometimes throw curveballs; it’s best to be prepared for them.


The encouragement of togetherness:  The most common New Year’s resolutions are to eat healthier, get more exercise and save more money.  Grab a friend or family member, pick one and get started.


Starting new habits and activities is difficult but rewarding.  Start small, focus on one thing at a time and enjoy your new year!