Beat the Year End Rush

Because not much happens during late February (no major holidays, the weather’s not great, football is over, it’s not yet spring break, school isn’t stopping or starting) it’s an excellent time to get a jump on your financial chores for the year.

Consider beating the year end rush and getting these items started or even finished now:

If applicable, take your required distribution from your IRA account

Make an annual contribution to your child’s 529 account

Consider any estate planning that might to be done this year and phone your attorney for an appointment

Check your credit report at

Check the web site for unclaimed property

Discuss with your accountant whether or not you might be eligible to contribute to a Roth or traditional IRA for 2013 and, if needed, open accounts

Pull a social security statement from to check your benefits

Review your savings plan – consider contributing the maximum to your 401k or other retirement savings plan and adding to the amount you save from personal funds

Review your beneficiaries

Let us know if we can be of assistance with any of these items.