If I Had A Nickel

#1 – 25 Things I Have Learned…

If I had a nickel for every time someone told me I could not do something I would be rich!  I was told at the start of my career that I couldn’t seek employment in the Financial Planning Industry; everyone who was anyone sought employment at Merrill Lynch.  They were the best, their training was the best.  How did I dare to be different?  What was I thinking?


I was thinking that a career existed where I could put my client’s needs and interests first, a career where I would be paid to give my clients unbiased advice and not to have to be paid on commissions.  A career where women would be welcome.  In retrospect, I was very early to the game of Financial Planning, an early participant in the changes that the financial industry would go through over the next 30 years.  The naysayers continued to nag, but I persevered and continued to hold to my goal of creating this business model.  We all know now, 25 years later after much trial and tribulation that my idea was one whose time had come and the rest is history.