2011 Tax Season Prep

The holidays are long gone.  Greeting cards and well-wishes have been replaced by W-2s, mortgage interest statements and phone calls to your accountant.  Yes, tax season is right around the corner. 

When you receive your Schwab 1099 in early 2011, you will notice that the cost basis on securities sold is omitted again for 2010.  Due to changes in regulations, this information will begin to be reported on your 1099 for 2011.  In the meantime, cost basis information is available by online access to your Schwab accounts.  From your “Accounts Summary” page, click on “History”, the “Realized Gain / Loss” tab and in the “Select Date Range”, click on “Previous Calendar Year” from the drop-down choices. 

If you have not signed up for online access yet, please call or email us!  We’ll help you take the first step.