Shelton Green Alpha Fund Virtual Event

Harbor Wealth Management hosted a webinar featuring the Shelton Green Alpha Fund on Feb 18th.  Everyone was invited to grab a craft beer and join in on the call with portfolio managers, Jeremy Deems and Garvin Jabusch, as they discussed the philosophy and strategy of the fund.  The Green Alpha Fund just came off 2020 with outstanding performance, booking a gain of nearly 114%.  This was on the tail of a 44% return in 2019.  The strategy of the fund is to invest in stocks in the Next Economy, which at its core has 4 pillars:  Economic productivity gains, renewable energies, waste-to-value supply chains (reduction of extraction of geological resources) and equitable distribution of wealth.[1]

The managers are forward thinking, forecasting what they think the economy will look like in 5 to 10 years.  They choose companies that are innovators and work toward mitigating environmental risks we face.  In alignment with the Next Economy pillars, the fund does not invest in companies in the fossil fuel industry, choosing investments in clean energy such as wind and solar instead.  The managers also look for companies that are “disruptors” to the way businesses and technologies have traditionally operated.  Take Moderna for example.  The stock was purchased into the fund in 2019 because of the development of its messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics to help the human body prevent or fight disease.  Little did Jeremy and Garvin know at the time that Moderna would be a leader with its vaccine in the battle against Covid-19. The fund also invests in companies in industries such as electric vehicles, indoor food production and water management.

Jeremy and Garvin’s insights on stock selection are fascinating and we could have listened to them for hours.  We hope to see them again soon, whether it’s a virtual or an in-person discussion!

Please contact Harbor for more information on the Green Alpha Fund.

[1] Green Alpha Advisors Overview 20210101.pdf

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